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see exhibition and performances on our the tART website.


5:30PM – 7:30 PM, the Caribbean Literary and Cultural Center, second floor of library – more information to come.  For now, pics of process, that meaty heart of the matter.

Chain of events: Yulia Tikhonova contacted me about an opportunity at the library; I in turn sent out Open Call to tART; damali abrams responded and is now organizer and curator of show.

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at the Kravets Wehby gallery – her own work with the work of Aya Uekawa as part of the setting – before opening on November 21, 2013. Sydney is now a tART alumna and Aya just joined tART last year.


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“Meet the artists. Witness the process. See where art is created.”

Thursday October 24th(tomorrow!)

6-10pm Opening Reception

One of my favorite all around good times perusing contemporary art and mingling with the artists who make it. Opening night is not to be missed! Highlighting some handpicked favs below but don’t let that stop you from checking out all the artists.

David Greg Harth (people call him “Harth”)

Studio # 711

You never know what Harth will be giving away for free. One year it was hearts – real ones!!! This year it will be limited edition drawings. Remember to ask for one.  While in his studio check out his Holy Bible Projecttrade on his “I AM” stamped currency with different messages, or sign up for his photo booth project-Every Person I Know And Every Person I Don’t Know.

Harth-520x787 (1)


Noah Klersfeld

Studio # 507

Noah is an artist and an architect. I stumbled upon his studio about a year ago and was quite intrigued by his videos of geometric images pulsating across the screens. Sweet man, mesmerizing work. Look for the dark studio(videos running = less light needed) with an image projected on the wall opposite his studio entrance. 



Check out Noah talking about his “time offset geometries”(above) and other works-

Toyin Odutola 

Studio #412

Odutola has been a hot topic of late in the arts with her pen and ink black portraitures. I believe she is a recent addition to the EFA studios. Lucky us! You certainly don’t want to miss this opportunity to meet her and see her work up close and personal.


tumblr_l74zhznQEr1qzoq6do1_500 artist

Check out Toyin talking about the importance and impact of having her own studio at EFA…

Other Notables:

The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop’s 20/20 Gallery Member’s Show on the 5th floor.

Ryan Sarah Murphy Studio #608

jc lenochan Studio #612

Mahmoud Hamadani Studio #710

Cui Fei Studo #704

All images copyright of the artists unless otherwise noted.


EFA Studios
The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
323 West 39th Street (Btwn 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York NY 10018

Tel: 212-563-5855

The studios will also be open Friday October 25th  6-9pm and Saturday October 26th 1-6pm

tART artist Aisha Cousins’

Mapping Soulville’s

Make-Your-Own-Street-Sign photobooth project

marmy's laundromat 1

AfroPunk 1

marmy's laundromat 2

As part of Laundromat Project’s 2013 Create Change Artist-in-Residence program, tART artist Aisha Cousins engages local community marking places that matter with her “live art project” Mapping Soulville.  Described as “expanding the pre-existing practice of renaming streets in black communities to reflect resident’s culture and history”, Make Your Own Street Sign photobooth project had participants creating street names at Marmy’s Laundromat in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

marmy's laundromat 4

If you missed her August workshops you can join her this Saturday September 21st from 12-5pm and pose for a portrait with your own street sign at Marmy’s Laundromat. The Saturday program is part of Laundromat Project(LP)’s first Field Day, a new annual festival of neighborhoods highlighting LP programs and local community activities in Bed-Stuy(Brooklyn), Harlem(Manhattan) and Hunts Point(Bronx).  Check out more details here.

marmy's laundromat 6

Check out this featured story “Street Signs become a Map of the Soul” on her work in Bed-StuyPatch online newsletter here and her blog SAY IT LOUD! highlighting the project here. Feeling the Aisha Cousins good vibes, like her facebook page here. Want to know more about the fabulous Laundromat Project, check them out here, their Create Change 2013 Artist-in-Residence fellows here, and their annual Public Potluck Dinner(they bring the food, you bring the ideas) here.  Still can’t get enough about Aisha’s project, check out this video of her talking about Mapping Soulville.

All photos by the artist.

“I can only remember the feeling of swinging—how hard we would work for those split seconds, flung at furthest extension, just before the inevitable downward and backward pull, when we felt momentarily free of gravity, a little hiccup of suspension when our hands loosened on the chain and our torsos raised off the seat. We were sailing, so inside the motion—time stopped —then suddenly rushed again toward us. We would line up on the playground and try to touch the sky, alone together.”

deVereA_Hamilton@Armory deVereA_Hamilton@Armory

the event of a thread is made of many crossings of the near at hand and the far away: it is a body crossing space, is a writer’s hand crossing a sheet of paper, is a voice crossing a room in a paper bag, is a reader crossing with a page and with another reader, is listening crossing with speaking is an inscription crossing a transmission, is a stylus crossing a groove, is a song crossing species, is the weightlessness of suspension crossing the calling of bell or bellows, is touch being touched in return. It is a flock of birds and a field of swings in motion. It is a particular point in space at an instant of time.”


“No two voices are alike. No event is ever the same. Each intersection in this project is both made and found. All making is an act of attention and attention is an act of recognition and recognition is the something happening that is thought itself. As a bird whose outstretched wings momentarily catch the light and change thought’s course, we attend the presence of the tactile and perhaps most importantly —we attend to each other. If on a swing, we are alone, we are together in a field. This condition of the social is the event of a thread. Our crossings with its motions, sounds and textures is its weaving; is a social act.”

deVereA_Hamilton@Armory deVereA_Hamilton@Armory

deVereA_Hamilton@Armory deVereA_Hamilton@Armory deVereA_Hamilton@Armory deVereA_Hamilton@ArmoryHamilton @ the Armory 2012

photos by Ann deVere

 excerpts from “regarding the event of a thread” by Ann Hamilton

Park Avenue Armory Presents Ann Hamilton: the event of a thread

December 5 2012-January 6 2013


The 8th annual international exhibition of contemporary art TINA B. launched on June 22nd, 2013 at the Gask Gallery under the new concept of “travelling exhibiton”. Multiple indoor and outdoor installations, focusing on the theme of spectrum and the power of color, are on display thru the end of August.

Tina B. PR here.

I am participating with new neon installation called …and love is…

From Kutna Hora Tina B. will travel to island of Capri, Italy – and so will I.





Petra Valentova ...and love is... Neon, 2013

Petra Valentova …and love is… Neon, 2013

Petra Valentova ...and love is... Neon, 2013

Petra Valentova …and love is… Neon, 2013

Petra Valentova and Tina B. director and founder Monika Burian-Jourdan

Petra Valentova and Tina B. director and founder Monika Burian-Jourdan