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WEB_BookCover bad boy eric fischl

An engaging portrayal of American artist Eric Fischl coming into his own, the memoir basically sheds light on the ebb and flow of a contemporary artistic career and studio practice. I especially enjoyed reading how the chaos of his not knowing unfolds into knowing earlier in his painting. The author(with a little help from his friend Michael Stone) speaks honestly on the emotional residue that informs his work and life. Supposedly, because of the domestic nature in his paintings- albeit a “psychosexual” one, he was referred by his male peers as the feminist amongst them.  Fischl first came to my attention with his 2002 public art installation of ‘tumbling woman’ in NYC. I was profoundly moved by the statue. A brave – emotionally charged gesture responding to the horrific event of 9/11, the sculpture was immediately removed due to a public outcry. Detailed reviews on the book- here and here, and an audio recording you can listen to of the author’s 2013 NY Public library talk on the book here. If in town check out Fischl’s impressive curatorial debut- ‘Disturbing Innocence’at the Flag Art Foundation on exhibit till January 31st. Saw it myself and highly recommend it. It is a show you want to put some time aside to see – a lot of provocative work(over 50 artists) to contemplate.



the who where when what & why of books read by tART members

a post by Ann deVere


Remember the March tARTreads post where tART artist Clarity Haynes recommended the book Living and Sustaining a Creative Life by Sharon Louden.  You can refresh your memory here. Well  guess who is coming to town(all the way from  Brooklyn) to moderate a discussion in Manhattan but Sharon herself.


So mark your calendars – AGAIN!  



Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Forum for Discussion

Moderated by Sharon Louden

this Wednesday May 7th 2014 6pm

EFA Project Space 2nd floor


323 W. 39th Street (btwn 8th & 9th Ave.)

And did you know the book was named one of Hyperallergic’s top art books of 2013 and is already in its fourth printing in five months. Enough said  right – oh but wait if you are not totally convinced to attend check out her about page here on her website.  You can find more details on the forum discussion and panelists line up here.  And if you come early check out RBPMW next door where I am a member.


Suzanne Bennett


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The Secret Life of Puppets

by Victoria Nelson

the secret lives of puppets

“A very interesting (tho dense) book about how art & culture have taken on the key themes of the supernatural and ‘magic’ in the last two decades since the Judeo-Christian culture moved more towards Rationalism and Secular Humanism. It’s about how we now satisfy our human desire for immortality through literature & pop culture and why that is. It’s very well-written.”


Last Chance for Eden

Selected Art Criticism by Christopher Knight (1979-1994)


“Essays by the long-time art critic of the LA Times. He’s a very independent thinker & has a lot of integrity in his writing, in my opinion. He writes well about 70’s & 80’s artists especially.”


The Devil In the White City

by Erik Larson

devil white city 514C8aVV4gL

“The non-fiction account of the 1892 World’s Fair in Chicago and two men who operated simultaneously in the city at that time: one a brilliant architect and one a sociopathic serial killer who prayed on young innocents who were drawn to the new urban life. Reads like a novel, totally engrossing.”


The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

by Lydia Davis


“Strange, imaginative & affecting stories in a completely modern & unique style. Smart & surprising.”


Revolutionary Road 

by Richard Yates

Richard-Yates-Revolutionary-Road (1)

“Forget the movie (which was pretty god-awful), the book is funny & fantastically written and years ahead of it’s time, making it feel relevant. Some of the sentences are like beautifully crafted silverware, they’re so sharp & efficient. It doesn’t exactly have a ‘feminist’ ending, but it’s so honest & raw (and actually has a powerhouse of a female lead) I could overlook it.”


SuzanneBennett_The Kiss_oil

The Kiss, 2013, oil on canvas. Currently showing in “The Situation”- an exhibition of Bennett’s sitcom paintings at Penn State Harrisburg’s Morrison Gallery through March 29th. Read about her sitcom paintings in a studio visit post I wrote here as part of the blog documenting the chain of studios visits for the 2013 Collectively Assembled: 28 visits, One Show tART exhibition at A@R. You can check out more of Suzanne Bennett’s sitcom paintings here.


the who where when what & why of books read by tART members

a post by Ann deVere

Clarity Haynes

“I tend to work in oil for paintings & graphite for drawings.”

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Read over the holidays

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 working artists

by Sharon Louden


“It is really practical & geared to professional artists. I recommend it for all artists dedicated to the long haul. It’s about the myriad of different ways to have a career. Though it’s not focused on women artists, many of the contributors are women, and both women & men talk candidly about the challenges of raising families as artists.”

AnnMarie, 2010, oil on canvas. Currently showing in the Brucennial opening tomorrow! – Thursday March 6th from 6-10pm located at 837 Washington Street, NYC. Exhibition up till April 4th. You can check out more of Clarity Haynes’ work here.


the who where when what & why of books read by tART members

a post by Ann deVere