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TONIGHT @ 8:00 pm

tART artist

Aisha Cousins

“Performance art for the rest of us”

debuts her

Brer Rabbit The Opera*

a work in progress from her BRIC House Fireworks residency

in collaboration with Greg Tate and Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber

when: Tonight and tomorrow Jan 22nd & 23rd

time: 8:00 pm

where: BRIC House Ballroom

647 Fulton Street
(Enter on Rockwell Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact Information Tel: 718.683.5600
Directions 2/3/4/5 to Nevins St | B/Q/R to DeKalb St | G to Fulton St

costs: $15 Adv | $20 Door 

*PLEASE NOTE: This performance contains adult material that is not appropriate for children.

More details on the performance here and here, Cousins’ website here, an older interview of the artist here and an informative article on the performance here.

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tART artist Aisha Cousins’

Mapping Soulville’s

Make-Your-Own-Street-Sign photobooth project

marmy's laundromat 1

AfroPunk 1

marmy's laundromat 2

As part of Laundromat Project’s 2013 Create Change Artist-in-Residence program, tART artist Aisha Cousins engages local community marking places that matter with her “live art project” Mapping Soulville.  Described as “expanding the pre-existing practice of renaming streets in black communities to reflect resident’s culture and history”, Make Your Own Street Sign photobooth project had participants creating street names at Marmy’s Laundromat in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

marmy's laundromat 4

If you missed her August workshops you can join her this Saturday September 21st from 12-5pm and pose for a portrait with your own street sign at Marmy’s Laundromat. The Saturday program is part of Laundromat Project(LP)’s first Field Day, a new annual festival of neighborhoods highlighting LP programs and local community activities in Bed-Stuy(Brooklyn), Harlem(Manhattan) and Hunts Point(Bronx).  Check out more details here.

marmy's laundromat 6

Check out this featured story “Street Signs become a Map of the Soul” on her work in Bed-StuyPatch online newsletter here and her blog SAY IT LOUD! highlighting the project here. Feeling the Aisha Cousins good vibes, like her facebook page here. Want to know more about the fabulous Laundromat Project, check them out here, their Create Change 2013 Artist-in-Residence fellows here, and their annual Public Potluck Dinner(they bring the food, you bring the ideas) here.  Still can’t get enough about Aisha’s project, check out this video of her talking about Mapping Soulville.

All photos by the artist.

Dear Reader,

My name is Aisha. I’m an artist. I quit my day job to make art full time at the end of January. It’s been an interesting year full of amazing highs and lows. Below is an excerpt from my journal about my quest to become a successful small business owner. I hope it will be of some use to you, or at least provide entertainment.

Happy Reading,

So I’ve officially been accepted into a cool artists’ collective called tART since leaving the day job. For those who don’t know tART, you’re reading this post on their blog, so click around the site to learn more about them. My membership has its privileges. For example, HUGE BONUS: It’s comforting (and pretty helpful) to be in a network of women who are facing the same issues and able to provide relevant advice.  Minor challenge: It also means I have to do a couple of projects to maintain my shiny new membership status…

How to squeeze in projects with my new jam packed self-employed schedule? Aargh. In a moment of multi-tasking cleverness, I decide to try picking a project that can help with some area of my fledgling business. “What would that be?” you ask? Good question. Wasn’t sure on that one… But then a lovely little mass email came around about doing blog entries and my aha moment presented itself: Blogging is an awesome way to motivate oneself to do drudgerous projects. Mainly because one becomes publicly accountable for writing about them. Blogging will help my fledgling business grow by forcing me to do annoying tasks I’ve been avoiding. (Seriously, I swear… it will…) I will start with bane-of-my-existence-nagging-task #1: Going for business counseling at this place ->

Stay tuned for journal entry #2.