Chain of events:

This summer, I picked up Jo Q. Nelson at the bus station in Aarhus, Denmark, and – as we made our way to the small town of Fjellerup on the coast – we ended up discussing three collective situations : 1. Jo’s recently ended communal living in New York; 2. the various communities, I am in the process of weaving together in Fjellerup; 3. the paradoxical longevity of the collective I am part of in NYC: tART.  Jo ends up suggesting a coaching session for tART, with her sister, Sarah B. Nelson – and this is what took place this week.  Jo assisted Sarah and participating tART members, in addition to myself, were: Katherine Keltner and Petra Valentova

We ended up doing an exercise that was supposed to involve an epic recounting of tART, and our own roles within the collective, but what ended up happening, was Petra, Katherine and I gravitating towards the middle of a simple graphic illustration of past, present and future: we were interested in the present.  The present kept expanding, from a narrow strip drawn by Sarah, to the point it took up most of the sheet of paper that was rolled out by Sarah and Jo on our table.  This present was a recent tART project, organized by Kathleen Vance for the Dumbo Arts Fair, tART Is Art,  and an evening like the one we were having: easily organized, socially enjoyable and having a task/challenge of some sort – in addition to atmosphere of place and gaining tools for self and to share with collective.

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