Few days ago I was invited to see another impressive creation by young architects Vit Simek and Stepan Rehor from H3T architects. Taking place 20 minutes east of Prague in small village of Trebestovice, the architects, painters and mixed-media artists are working for couple of weeks on their projects. The symposium was established in 2011 by Bohemia Parket, sawmill company working with top czech architects and artists. Each year the first week of August the company donates wood,material and working space to selected group of artists who bring their tents, enthusiasm and talent. Unlike other symposiums, this one is really hard-core with its isolation, tent-sleeping and communal living. At the end the artists own their work (except for pieces that are too big to transport or that are created site-specifically) so many welcome working in such industrial area.

Bohemia Parket

The tall, 14 meters high tower constructed from European larch cannot be missed from nearby highway. H3T architects are know for their urban punk projects that hardly earn any income but are always clever, impressive and often functional (saunas at various locations including open space by Czech National theater). They are young and energetic but I am sure even they had to think that 4 days timeframe for building the tower was gross underestimate (they are working more then two weeks by now).

Tower Eva

Vit Simek from H3T (middle) and friends

Inside Eva

Other artists who participated this year are:
Terezie Honsova
Martina Chloupa
Matej Hájek, Vaclav a Anna Litvanovi, Robert Paluch

Martina Chloupa and her wooden ob