Born in Los Angeles, interdisciplinary artist Stephanie Lindquist studied Visual Arts at Columbia University. She is currently a 2012-2013 Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome. In August 2013 she will be collaborating on a new project with a resident of the MARMA residency program in Berlin for three months.

Rewriting Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider, 2013, Pencil on 2 wooden panels, 73” x 100” each

This work came out of a few things. Formally speaking, I’ve been interested in documenting my daily performances or interactions with my materials. Often times I work with materials that are quite personal to me, so much of the work’s significance lies in the time I spend with the material whether it’s cloth, crayons or in this case one my favorite texts Sister Outsider. This work in particular came from my desire to really absorb and then share Audre Lorde’s words and ideas around race, feminism, homosexuality, difference, creative expression, and love while I have been living in Rome in a so-called “differenceless” country.

Rewriting Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider (detail), 2013, Pencil on wooden panels, 73” x 100” each

Crayola Blue, 2012, Crayons and nails, Varies in size

This is an early study from my time in Rome. It belongs to my Crayola Series in which I group all my childhood crayons by color and nail them to the wall. This piece is really fun for me because I disable all my “tools” by making them the work itself.

Painting, 2013, Pastel, oil, glass jars, 2 wooden shelves, 150 x 40 cm

Through making the Crayola Series I realized how much I enjoy thinking of and using color as a found material. This installation is really a homage to my childhood pastels. In it I transform each one of my pastels into oil paint by crushing them and mixing them each individually.

Painting #34, 2013, Pastel, oil and glass jar, 5 x 5 x 10 cm

Printing #6, 2013, Ink, crayon, pastel, pencil shavings and string on paper, 24 x 22.5 cm
How much pigment can I possibly print? Traditionally the best prints are made with the most even and thin layer of ink possible. In my Printing Series I experiment with the opposite question by throwing clumps of pigment under the press.

Needles and String, 2013, Knitting needles and string, Varies in size

Needles and String is my never ending meditation. It’s an object and a performance in which I knit a ball of string and leave its end untied so that I may reknit it. Upon reaching the end (or beginning) I continue to reknit it, so that its form is constantly being destroyed and recreated anew.