tART represents at Arts@Renaisance 2012 Fundraiser

Ann deVere A@R2012 postcard

postcard artist: Ann deVere

The Postcards to North Brooklyn event held on December 14th raised $4000 for St Nicks Alliance art space.

Anna Lise Jensen A@Rpostcard 2012

postcard artist: Anna Lise Jensen

Participating tART artists who submitted postcards included Petra Valentova, Jess Levy, Melissa Staiger, Ann deVere, Katherine Keltner, Anna Lise Jensen, Susan Ross, Clarity Haynes, Julia Whitney Barnes, Suzanne Broughel, and damali abrams.

“We received a big THANK YOU -from Chris Henderson, the Director of A@R- for being one of the largest contributors of postcards from one group.”  Click here to read more about A@R.

Manned by members damali abrams and Rachel Gorchov- tART set up a table of information that included announcements for our upcoming 2013 A@R Collectively Assembled exhibition, zines and tote bags plus a binder of original small works by tART artists.

Highlights of the evening included…

deVA_A@Rbenefit_2012_ (5)

excerpts from “Then She Fell” by the Bessie Award-winning company Third Rail Projects performed throughout the evening. Reviews of their sold out performances can be found in Time Out New York and the NY Times

deVA_A@Rbenefit_2012_ (14)

insanely delectable and beautifully crafted cookies baked by…

deVA_A@Rbenefit_2012_ (9)

Susana Arellano of Manjar Sweets…

deVA_A@Rbenefit_2012_ (16)

and the maddeningly delicious sangria.

deVA_A@Rbenefit_2012_ (27)

A@R also had on display a model of their renovation and expansion designed by CR Studio.  The art space was originally an outpatient building for a local hospital.

deVA_A@Rbenefit_2012_ (18)

And of course postcards,

A@R Postcard Benefit Fundraiser  2012

postcard artist: Ann deVere(107)

and more postcards,

postcard artist: Susan Ross(37)

and so on…

postcard artist: Melissa Staiger(31)

and so on…

damali abrams_Autobio postcard

postcard artist: damali abrams

and so on…

(some of ) the “lovely ladies of tART”  representing