It was an easy trip from Astra’s studio to the studio of Nanna Debois Buhl on the third floor.  I’ve known Nanna since 2009 when she was in the first apartment exhibition I did for my project A Lot (art projects in/about community gardens.) Several exciting projects going on for Nanna who was showing Street Haunting:

Street Haunting features three newly commissioned works that utilize the act of walking in unexpected ways.  For each work, Buhl has created a system where a walk becomes the impetus for images and stories, revealing new paths through urban and literary landscapes. In the accompanying publication, Jen Kennedy looks at both the material and imaginary walks that Buhl takes the viewer on in Street Haunting. Beginning as a conversation with the artist on the complex histories of flâneurie and dérive, as well as often on overlooked theorists of walking, Michéle Bernstein and Henriette Valet, Kennedy’s text also maps the literary and visual intertexts evoked in the works in the exhibition.

Nanna also told me about the Anatomic Atlas she is creating for a library in new institution in Denmark – walls will be complete with indexes to quotes that are placed by the body parts (in photographs) they reference.